BRITISH AIRWAYS | LHR-MAD | G-BZHB | Boeing 767-300 | Club Europe – 2B

Good day from Madrid, in the second report of this series we fly from London to Madrid on what some know as BAs flagship route in Europe. A trip already marred with disruption and poor offering continues as I fly on the BA456, rather than the BA458, the 777 which should have brought me to Madrid was cancelled two days prior due to BA crew strikes, and I was rebooked onto the earlier 767 operated flight, because of the short notice cancellation I also lost my window seat, so my flight on a club world 777 has become an aisle seat on Club Europe, however the 767 isn’t a bad aircraft and it may well be my last chance to fly on a BA example before they are withdrawn in the near future.

My day starts very early at 0315, leaving the Premier In which has been more than adequate for my short stay in London, and heading back to T5, upon arrival at 4am I’m shocked to see that I seem to have taken everyone by surprise, and rather than head to the lounge I have to wait til 0430 for security open, and then 0500 for thenlounge to open! I’m surprised by this as most airports are open very early to get passengers spending, also when you tell passengers to be at the airport two hours before you’d expect that they’d be able to check in, and not sit around for half an hour waiting for the staff to turn up.

Once I’d eventually cleared security I wandered the abnormally quiet T5 until the lounge opened, I headed to the Galleries South where I stayed only for 15 minutes and a quick pastry and juice before it was announced my flight would be leaving for the B gates, so I headed across to the small, but nice lounge across in the satellite, where again I only had a short stay before boarding began from gate B43.

Boarding began half an hour before departure and I took my aisle seat (first time for everything) on this packed full 767, during boarding hot towels were distribute, however we would take a further half an hour after departure time before we would leave because of missing passengers with checked in bags. Eventually though we did get going and made a quick taxi to 27L before departing towards Madrid. (Apologies for the lack of outside photos from here in, despite my best efforts I was unable to secure a window seat)

Service began 30 minutes into the flight with the offer of a hot breakfast or vegetarian option, I took the hot breakfast, which was ok, but could of done with some hash browns and beans to make it a proper full English, along with I had a champagne and some orange juice, with the crew proactively offering drinks refills through out the flight.

Full on breakfast I relaxed in my seat and listened to music for the remainder of the flight, during the delay and the rest of the trip to First Officer kept us updated on progress which made up for the lack of moving map, as the screens today remained blank.

We began descent towards Madrid with about 110 miles to run and 20 minutes remaining, my neighbour went to the toilet at this point so I took the opportunity to snap a quick picture outside the window.

The approach continued before we would arrive on MADs 32L and a taxi to stand 556 at T4S would follow, the bridge docked st door two which meant I had to wait for some economy passengers to disembark before I was able to, annoying a little as a business class passenger if I had a short connection, but today I did not, and nor was I in any hurry, once I did leave the aircraft I made my way through towards flight connections in preparation for my next flight to Frankfurt with LATAM.


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