Latest Reports

The first week of March 2018 in my part of the UK saw snow, and a lot of it, as a result a course I was due to attend was cancelled leaving me with a free week. Not one for sitting around the house for a whole week I started plotting, originally I looked at trying to catch a ride with Alitalia but they priced themselves out of the equation, in fact a lot of airlines did with me looking to book less than a week in advance. Eventually though I was able to piece together a trip to Lisbon that would tick TAP of the list of carriers I was hoping to fly this year. My best option for getting to Lisbon was Air France which conveniently would get me a ride with their new low cost carrier Joon. I decided to fly TAP across to Madrid before picking up another new airline home as I bite the bullet and try Ryanair. So there you have it, three brand new airlines to voyage report. Enjoy the links below for the full series of trip reports.

Air France (Hop!) | NCL-CDG | F-HBLG | E190 | 15A – Economy

Joon (Air France) | CDG-LIS | F-GKXR | A320 | 8F – Economy

TAP | LIS-MAD | CS-TPS | E190 | 16D – Economy

Ryanair | MAD-NCL | EI-DAE | B737-800 | 31F – Economy